The Mercedes C 63 AMG, Safety Car of DTM 2015

car-safety-firstThe Mercedes C 63 AMG will debut on May 1 as the new safety car at the first race of the DTM season at Hockenheim in Baden-Wurttemberg. Its powerful V8 engine had to be slightly modified by AMG for their task in the DTM.

The development department of vehicles AMG and AMG Performance Studio has been responsible for modifying the Mercedes C63 to serve as the safety car for the 2015 season in the demographic transition model. The car will take the racing driver Jurgen Kastenholz, and has the task of ensuring maximum safety for drivers and spectators in the event of dangerous situations such as extreme weather conditions, accidents or other incidents.

6.3 V8 AMG engine has an output of 487 hp and maximum torque of 600 Nm, which is increased, compared with the standard of 457 hp and allows the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. To carry out its duty as safety car, AMG has transferred the technology of Mercedes SLS as pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft. This model is three kilos lighter, which allows eight-cylinder engine to respond more quickly.

The Mercedes C 63 AMG of DTM 2015 includes variable intake manifold painted titanium gray and high-performance brakes. Moreover, the change AMG Speedshift MCT seven-speed dual clutch function incorporates Start Race for driving dynamics.

The exterior of the safety car include aluminum hood with changes in the air intakes on the grille and new headlights on the front. To optimize the flow of air input, the front spoiler has openings and side vents while a rear spoiler reduces lift at high speeds. The distinctive rear apron diffuser includes a black and active cooling on the rear axle. In accordance with this sporty design, the mirrors are also carbon fibre. These collectively make is a easy to sell car in uk used car market.

and 19-inch wheels with spokes and flat black AMG.

The distinctive features are safety car logos, LED light bar on the roof and LED lights on the front and rear. It also includes an illuminated panel with the words ‘Safety for Car’ in the trunk for better visibility in bad weather. To facilitate communication with Race Control, the car is equipped with a radio and a television monitor.